[Webinar] Digital Transformation for CFOs

How can CFOs make the most of the digital transformation? What are the success factors in financial process automation? Where to start?  

Watch the recorded webinar "Digital Transformation for CFOs" and get inspiration to improve and automate your financial processes. Henri Taipale, CEO and Founder of Qvalia, discusses the importance of finance teams in driving change, how to achieve business automation, and most importantly - how to get started.
Henri Taipale Henri Taipale, CEO and Founder of Qvalia
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30 minutes, on demand. Fill in the form to watch now. 
  • What is wrong with accounting?
  • Key business trends
  • The new role of CFOs
  • Understanding new technology - robotic process automation, artificial intelligence, and big data
  • Pitfalls in digitisation and automation
  • Getting started